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Our History

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church is located in Huntington, WV.  We are known as the Church where everybody is somebody. On the fourth Sunday in June, 1905, at the morning service of the First Baptist Church, a petition signed by forty-one members was red requesting letters of dismissal for the purpose of organizing another Baptist Church in the city of Huntington, WV.  Following proper procedures, meetings were held, advice and council given and at 3:00  p.m. on Sunday, August 28, 1905, the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was formally organized under the leadership of Rev. R.D W. Meadows, president of the council. 

The Founders of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church were:

A.D. Brown, Alice Brown, Florence Brown, Wylie Brown, Guy Calloway, W. H. Harris, Virginia Holt, A.B. Hughes, G. W. Hughes, J.W. Jackson, Mattie Jackson, Carrie Johnson, Fannie Johnson, Leota Johnson, Wiliam Johnson, Rev. A. D. Lewis, A. D. Lewis, Jr., Elizabeth Lewis, L.J. Lewis, Rev. L. O. Lewis, Charlie McPherson, Pearl McPherson, Virginia McPherson, E.M. Manggrum, M.L. Manggrum, Sallie B. Miller, A. D. Mills, M. E. Mills, W.D. Mills, Anderson Odell, Rev. William Poindexter, David Watkins, John Watson, Castine Wilkins, Jane Wilkins, Sarah Wilkins, T.W. Wilkins, Florence Williams, Alex Winston, Belle C. Winston, G.W. Winston.


On Saturday, May 4, 2019 , Rev, James H. Redd, Jr. was installed as the 11th pastor.

Our Beliefs

Articles of Faith

1.  The Scripture

2 Timothy 3:16; 2 Peter 1:20-21; Romans 15:4; Galatians 3:24-25

2.  The True God

Genesis 1:1-3; John 4:24  (God is Spirit), John 1:5  (God is Light)

1 John 4:8, 16  (God is Love), John 5:26-27 (Son and Father are One)

3.  The Fall of Manx

4.  The Way of Salvation

5.  Justification

6.  The Freeness of Salvation

7.  Regeneration

8.  Repentance of Faith

9.  God’s Purpose of Grace

10. Sanctification

11. Perseverance of Saints

12. The Law and Gospel

13. A Gospel Church

14. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

15. The Christian Sabbath

16. Civil Government

17. Righteous and Wicked

18. The World to Come


We believe in the Articles of Faith incorporated in the Baptist Hymnal and are a part of our beliefs as a Baptist.

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